Lord, do I love books. Reading them, writing them, editing them, reviewing, publishing, designing, collecting, discovering, buying, gifting, donating, perusing, fondling, smelling. My dreams regularly take place in libraries and bookstores, one time on a book-lined spiral staircase, and another in the book-filled basement of a dark mansion straight out of Poe. Stashes and piles of books fill my living space. Boxes of them clog my entire storage unit, front to back, floor to ceiling. My first published pieces were book reviews. My first two books were books of book reviews (1,800+ total). I have ideas for more books than I may be able to write or edit/compile in my lifetime.

How could I not blog about books? And magazines. Newspapers. Comics. Documents. The printed word, the electronic word, the spoken word. Words without books. Books without words.

–Russ Kick


Some of my books:

You Are (Still) Being Lied To

Everything You Know Is Wrong

50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know

Everything You Know About God Is Wrong

Abuse Your Illusions


for more, see my website Mind Pollen

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